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Asda review

In the town where I live there are three big supermarkets competing for business. Asda, Tesco and Morrisons. My wife and I like shopping at all three, for very different reasons. With Asda you have an incredible variety of products. At Tesco you are equally spoilt for choice. We like Morrisons for the quality of their fruit and veg.
But it's value for money where Asda seems to have the edge. Like the other two they have their own brand of products which are very affordable, and their range of ready meals are exceptionaly good value. But where Asda wins out is their clothing department. Known as 'George' you can find this hugely successful enterprise in over 250 Asda stores throughout the UK. It's one of the first places I go if I'm looking to buy casual clothing, especially jeans. As well as selling menswear, womenswear, kidswear and schoolwear, 'George' also sells jewellery at very affordable prices. They have a nice range of bedding, bathroom towels and bathroom accessories too. The fact that Asda was named 'Britain's best value retailer' by the 'Grocer' magazine in 2004 for the seventh year in succession should be enough to convince people that it's one of best places to go shopping in the UK.

Online shopping checklist:

  • Do Asda offer secure online ordering? YES all personal customer information is encrypted using 128 bit encryption methods but you also need to register and choose a password before you can purchase any goods through the Asda website.
  • Do Asda charge for home delivery? YES the standard charge is £5.95 for grocery deliveries, but occasionaly Asda offer free delivery, for example when special offers are made available.
  • How long does delivery take? Providing Asda deliver to your area (you can check this on their website) next day delivery is available if your order is placed before 5pm the previous day. When placing an order you simply choose a delivery time from the 2 hour slots that are available between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. any day of the week.

Other details worth noting...

At most of their superstores Asda have other services to offer such as their pharmacy services and in-store opticians. Asda also provide a variety of financial services including home owner loans, motor insurance, home insurance, life insurance, pet insurance and travel insurance. They also offer photo processing, online as well as offline, a flower delivery service, and a range of contact lenses, which you can also order online. For more information you can contact them via their website at

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